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Chat snippets

At night when work is done, two old maids chat. These are random snippets from their late night cyber tete-a-tete, which no longer is in this case. This is six weeks worth of observations of the state of things about and around them. Besides disclosures that one is a mama, and the other a medical doctor, most likely you can easily spot giveaways to infer their general philosophy and theorize their old maid status.

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1. My stuttering fingers...

2. I dive feet first... Australia in October ... after suffering and embarrasing myself doing PhD I'd like something lighter like learn how to fly a helicopter and before the luggage joins the cobwebs - PEI: Anne Shirley of Green Gables; Chawton: Jane Austen
3. Happy sabbath, mareng (mareng is slang for matron) ... he probably doesn't know how patrician National Trust staff are
4. You? cry over a guy? no way!... 007 as in James Bond?... and you thought he's in touch with reality....


Of short heights and thrones

The few visitors in the throne hall of King Narai's palace were leaving when I got there. Pleased with the solitude, I lingered. The quiet seemed to usher in an opportunity to commune with the spirit of the ruins, however fleeting it was. As with usual thrones, this one is elevated. One suggested attribution is the king's short height. Over at his palace King Narai had ambassadors of France's King Louise XIV whose practice of wearing high heels was hypothetically due to his being not very tall. There might have been some influence or connection there.

Whether these kings were short or tall, records show they certainly occupied thrones. This is the Dusit Sawan hall. Imagine King Narai going up the steps to sit on his throne. I tried climbing. It was uncomfortable, but then I'm no king.

This is (a closer look of) the memorial plaque portraying King Narai granting an audience with french ambassadors
I ambled behind the throne which was like playing hide n' seek with what…

Pretentious Diet

Our Weekend Memoirs: Dieting on Eggs
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The chinese guy selling noodles in front of 7 Eleven also sells eggs. I wanted to buy some but he was busy with his customers and I couldn't wait. Back in front of the pc, a recent report that Margaret Thatcher's pre-election victory diet included 28 eggs a week had me reading more than I normally would big news. She is said to have told an interviewer that she had "no special dieting regime." Her pocket diary, which was released by the Margaret Thatcher Archive Trust seems to have revealed otherwise. But don't we all sometimes like to keep others wondering?

The Iron Lady's husband though gives it to us straight and cool. When asked "who wears the pants in this house?" He replied, "I do. And I also iron them." This anecdote is exactly what I thought of while my southeast asian ass err... blood was quivering in the London cold as I stood on this famous street.

Then Mr S…

Purple Pack Rat

Friday's Fave Five: Pack Rat
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Time piece
I woke up on Wednesday morning to find my alarm clock registering 8.10 a.m. "Since I'm already late," I acknowledged the verdict as I yawned my way to the shower, "I might as well prepare Cj's breakfast and eat with him before I go." When I arrived in the computer room at work, I got a happy surprise: the time was 7.55, not 8.55. Yes! I wasn't late after all. My clock has served me quite well for more than 7 years, and even in its old and malfunctioning age has done so to my advantage. This must be why sometimes I am a pack rat.

With Mommyhood, a full-time job and work on PhD applications going full-blast, whatever little time I have left for cooking is all wiped out and I raise my hands up in surrender. I am thankful that restaurants are readily available which means Cj and I do not go hungry. We've been having dinners out the entire week and I'm gr…

Beach Paraders

Several hours after Countdown 2010, friends and I saw this group of people carrying instruments that sound along with some kind of chant. They also hand out pieces of dessert to people. As they go around parade-style they seem to be doing some ethnic dance moves.

And this is Hua Hin beach where we hang out on new year's day last week. The photo is not mine (courtesy to source on link). There was much chatting, eating and relaxing to take a shot of the beachfront.
Here's how Hua Hin Pages introduces Hua hin to visitors:
"If you enjoy walks through the quiet winding streets of a friendly coastal village, sampling delicious seafood in restaurants overlooking the brightly lit fishing boats on the Gulf of Thailand or a round of golf, Hua Hin could very well be what you're looking for. It has a special character all its own."
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New Year Luck

And so we went. To Hua Hin, Thailand's famous royal beach resort town for Countdown 2010. It is where I partied almost every night in 1998 B.C. (Before Ceejay). A minute-old quick search showed it's now HM The King's permanent residence. With a monarch for a neighbor, do people here behave? *smiles* Of course they do.... :-) What were you thinking? Everyone was in a festive mood. At least that's what I saw after leaving our bags in our hotel room and getting out to blend in with the required new year blast.

I lowered my expectations on places to stay because we had no prior booking anywhere. My friend's BIL who arrived ahead of us with his family rang us to get ready with our cards because the only available rooms left are at the Hilton. "Cj's Disney budget is so getting chipped by this new year brouhahah," I dozed off the worry as our ride took us closer to the resort. Opposite Hilton, went the correction to the earlier advice. It also confirmed that …