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Wonder of a family tale

The Durrells: a trailer scene I have a dream... if you see the wonder of a fam'ly tale... I believe in --- The Durrells! I am dreaming. Oh well I did say 'I have a dream...'? I am only up to watching the trailer right now since I do not even know where in the name of all Thai TV stations or something like Thai PBS or Netflix Thailand can I find this series. And I saw Kitty Butler! (Tipping the Velvet) Aha! Why didn't I think of watching other films that star Keely Hawes? Maybe now I will.
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Christmas week 2014

A happy Christmas it was. I almost starved; was invigilating and had to wait til 9 PM to eat for only the second time that day. Being single and living alone I mostly rely on cafes or restaurants for nourishment. But there's a job, food is available and I am thankful. I'm celebrating the highlights of my Christmas week - Government Complex Three-in-one : i.e. visa, work permit, and 90-day report - all done. It's quite a relief to have immigration and legal matters out of the way; makes the fun of celebrating the holidays compleat. Apex Lido Films galore :  Magic in the Moonlight, Saint Laurent, Serena, Exodus: Gods and Kings, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and Night at the Museum 3. I love finding what memorable lines each film has. They're getting rare, aren't they? A real Christmas card . I can't believe someone would send me one. A delightful surprise. Tasty tree Macaroon Christmas tree  a sweet, calming sight out

XXI Forever

XXI Forever... I tried distracting myself with sights along the way. xxx xxx xxx It worked. By the time I got near the door, I decided to eXit. A chance to buck unnecessary shopping is an eXtra good thing. Happy holidays! xxx Linking with: Water World *  Mrs Nesbiitt & the ABC Team *  Our World *  Ruby Tuesday Too  *  Sally's Blues  * Mellow Yellows

Villa de Oro

V is for Villa de Oro, a beachfront accommodation in Boracay . Come on in! xxx xxx xxx and how's this for a view while dining on seafood? The shirt is right - life's a beach . I mean I cherish the nice moments in life. Water World Mrs Nesbitt & the ABC Team Our World Sally's Blues Mellow Yellows

Those charming moments

Skywatch : city is far behind and I'm loving it! Reflections : serenade I buy books just because.... My not-so-old hat from the antiques section of a weekend market  A little yummy error Maybe I had more of those charming moments this week than the other weeks. I'm thankful. Swiss sheep farm . Anything that takes me out of sight of urbanization, rising concrete (condos) and drab parking spaces - I'm in. What a treat for the country girl in me! Somewhere out there   beneath the pale moonlight... . It's not everyday you get serenaded. I appreciated it. A lot. The Heart Garden, Eating People is Wrong , etc: my loot from Neilson Hays book sale. Knockoff prices, old plus beautiful library architecture - just my kind of awesome. Antiques therapy . My apartment is bursting I could hardly navigate the floor without my feet touching things so I didn't buy a truckload this week. Just the one hat. Thanks to the shining sun I had an


"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." ~ Melody Beattie Happy Thanksgiving, my bloggity friends! Skywatch : mapping Forensic Accounting Reflections : at the Sweet Secret Cafe Can you tell if a mushroom is edible or poisonous?   Flowery hangout I can tolerate my own cooking ;) November is waving goodbye. That fast, wasn't she? It's been a good month. Now time to wrap up the week - Mapping Forensic Accounting . It was part of a 4-day seminar which I enjoyed doing. With time pressure though my screws splattered in all directions and my mind wandered to  the - Sweet Secret Cafe . Not a bad place to mentally be to make up for the frustration of not having enough time for concept mapping. The photo is an old one; taken when I was physically present and had a sweet time there. Hundred Foot Journey . Three reasons why this film was so much fun to me - Helen Mirren, food, an

Stops along the way

Sally's Blues : fishing boats by the talipapa Reflections : Big Ben in the Venice of the East (Huahin) Skywatch : by the river I was stuck with colleagues in a river jungle. Nice place, lots of cheery chatter, we were well fed, but work was work. It felt good when the remote controls, powerpoints and microphones were put away and we were on our way home. That's when the fun began - so much of it I forgot I had to pull off twelve hours the next day. But glad I am to be chatting about them: Talipapa or temporary fish market was our first stop. A breeze cooling through the parked fishing boats and to our hall of work, AC-coated faces says how great it was for lungs to function in such a morning.   Blue crabs - our main purpose of stopping by the talipapa. 350 baht a kilo (11 USD). Wait, is it just me or do blue crabs turn pink anyway when they are steamed? To the beach we go!  You could guess where we took our loot.  Foodie fun . The vendor pre