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CJ's Pool Party

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Wide awake

Happiness is... rocking a baby in high heels.
It was very late. The then husband and I just got back from a wedding. I thought CJ was fast asleep but his Grandma said he was wide awake. I scooped him up. It was my first time to carry him around in 3-inch stilettos and it was rather fun. We stepped outside for a bit of fresh air, at the same time tailing CJ's Dad as he prepared to get the car in the garage. I thought why not have a snapshot of the moment. So we did.
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Hi, My Little Professor is a new blog. I am on the process of importing posts from an old blog which started as musings about the kiddo and mommyhood. That blog has ballooned into many other posts covering a few other different interests. Guess this mom couldn't just shut up. Meanwhile I am updating pages during lunch breaks. The 'organize' bug has bitten me, and I hope the 'rush' bug will bite me as well so I get this site up running smoothly soon. I look …