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Honey, honey

Honey, honey, how he thrills me aha...
This is one of those blue-sky holidays in the chili patches. We are in the sunflower fields of Thailand. The farmers there sell honey aside from sunflower seeds and sunflower wine.

Drogba forsakes football for the day to bottle honey in Saraburi. A tourist blows a honey kiss.
Honeycomb up close
 Honey pool

The sweet, therapeutic liquid in Regency Scotch. Regency: to an anglophile like me, the merchandise is sold.
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Vineyards of Thailand

Thailand's wine-making industry has come a long way.... Vineyards across three distinguished wine-making regions now produce quality wine. CNN GO

These vineyards are found in Khao Yai, the South of Bangkok, and Northeast Thailand. Wine tours are available. In Hua Hin Hills visitors can tour vineyards in a way you  normally can't in Burgundy or Tuscany: riding on an elephant. 

En route to the sunflower fields in Saraburi, we passed by this vineyard and made a quick stop. We didn't expect to see such a charming spot of the Thai countryside, but we're glad we did.  I call this our tour serendipity.

ABC Wednesday

Chili commerce

Mai sai prik na ka, (no chili, please) is what I always say when I buy a short-order meal. Sometimes the instruction is followed; sometimes I just have to sip ice cold Coke all the way. Chili is major in Thailand. Where fruit chunks are what you normally see on your blender, it is chili here. You have to watch what you sniff or look at if you pass by street food cooking or you sneeze and tear up as some aroma finds its way to your eyes and nostrils.

Biting red and dry, these quiet chilis are practically harmless... until they are stir frying in the wok. What could be next...

Ingredients beyond what makes up ketchup or mustard are on display too.
It is early Sunday market in Saraburi. This tent finally sets me in the mood for commerce.

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