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I will be entertaining...

Skywatch: on an expressway to Pratunam, that area in Bangkok where everything is cheap.

Reflections: history wings and things

I Heart Macro: floral tribute

Friday's Fave Five: Anticipation mode. My entrails are somersaulting. Come, September, come!

1 Teacher's day. It's that time of year when I'm so in love with my profession.

2 New apartment, new furniture. In the move I found a photo which I thought I had lost forever. It's of my parents, the last and only one with my rarely-seen-in-photos father in it a few years before he died. I was just thrilled with the discovery.

3 A change I don't mind. It was originally Bali in three weeks. Thanks to an unexpected problem with the travel agency, it's now New Delhi.  Hello Taj Mahal!

4 Re-entry permit and visa report sorted. Always a relief to get immigration stuff out of the way.

5 I will be entertaining. A friend from high school I haven't seen in 26 years is coming to visit September 18th. And then we're going …

There's something in history...

Museums, ruins, historical sites, mostly anything old - they are what make me go on trips for. I love those ohs and ahs I get as I behold them. Like on this one inside a World War II train in a war museum. This is what I call my Jonah moment. I was inside the train. 

xxx  xxx

But there's something in history that is depressing. At least in these finds I call train entrails or it could be due to having no idea what they are really. So while waiting for the rest of the tour group to assemble for the next stop I loitered in a nearby orchid shop for some cheer.
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