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Christmas 2011 - New Year 2012

Friday's Fave Five is a meme wherein participants list five best things from their week. Now not every week is great for everyone, and that's where the challenge to come up with blessings lies. Do you hear gratitude? Or optimism? A few days before this just-concluded Christmas, I had to try finding what's good in a week that involved a seriously lacerated forehead on top of having to work on Christmas day.
Too much multi-tasking amidst anemic symptoms sent me bleeding to the ER. Two surgeons hovered over me. "Fifty-two," said one to the other. And the stitching began. I gleaned my week's best through sutures, anesthesia and an anti-tetanus shot.

i. It was fifty-two, not fifty-three stitches or more. I'd take that and be thankful.

ii. The presence of a friend. So much for independence and pride in doing things single-handedly. I mean going through all that alone was possible, but someone to whom you can say ouch without worrying how you look is comfort I…