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Listening to a prayer

The nephew turns 13. Is that when kids officially become a teenager? I did think Cacoi may boycott this cake. But being the crazy aunt I could sometimes be, I went ahead and bought him what I call the Beatrix Potter Beauty; and at the same time wondered how I could make it up should he not like it. But bingo! He debuted a promising teenager smile and I exhaled happily.

At the food-laden table the birthday boy's friend said grace. His words were elegant and cute for one so young. I realized how mature this boy sounded than many adults I know including myself.

We concluded the party at King's Park where we had lakeside pizza and body stretching in the park gym; explored a minor maze and walked flower-lined trails. It felt really good after long months of stilettos, drab AC hums and ear-ritating lift bells.

Cacoi in blue shirt, his friend in white, and siblings Jovi and John
Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes things alive and significa…

Antebellum reverie

It's a lovely week in the chili patches. Here's celebrating moments that made it so.

Dainty Dory a seafood bistro at Terminal 21. Inside it's like finding yourself in one of those sunny seaside Greek cafes featured on TV and films

Carnation cheer brightened up a dreary day in the office. Read: marking finals that never seem to end. A vase of red pink carnations is the only cheer in a sea of academic bits and pieces. I made it til sign out time by imagining tea served on the porch of an antebellum mansion.
Mother's Day gift. The day for Moms has been awhile but I've been busy. This week was my only chance to take a close look at a gift a friend gave me. 
Finding the perfect purchase during a routine book shopping. The friend who gave me the Body Shop Chocomania gift set (above) mentioned she and her diving buddies fancy the Great Barrier Reef next year. The Dive Sites of the Great Barrier Reef is a nice book that provides what my friend would most likely need to kn…