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When it's dark

One night long ago, I was approaching an unlit room in an uncle's big house when, typical of Pinoy culture, my older cousins scared me, "there's a ghost in there, watch out!"

My mother didn't think it was right, and asked them to stop immediately.

[caption id="attachment_8480" align="alignright" width="300"] CJ in the dark[/caption]

So far I haven't noticed signs in my son being afraid of the dark.  We try to behave in it the same way we would in bright daylight. If someone scares him though, chances are high he will react accordingly.  For the record I am strongly against teasing children into being unnecessarily scared of anything.

The trick I see reminds me of that nursing professor back in college, "you know class, it depends upon the orientation."

What was your experience with the dark while growing up? Any similarities with or differences from the way your kids now act toward it?
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