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25 November 2013

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Tacloban. It's where I spent two months of great adventure with college buddies at about the same age as the young adult artists in this video

 We Are The World for Philippines (Cover by Filipino Artsts)

This is the church where I served as piano accompanist for the 1990 summer student choir, and some of the services. According to reports it was filled with dead bodies when this shot was taken.

Photo Courtesy: AUP Network on FB

On Saturday, November 24th, Central World management (the former WTC Bangkok) lent space for a Haiyan fundraiser without charge. I'd like to commemorate the highlights:


One Voice: Help Haiyan Victims was a serendipity. Organizing events is something I had to pay money to study in grad school. But it was live learning right there that night and observing the process was free.

Skywatch: Mission Tacloban

The Bangkok Charity Orchestra  reflected tranquility in their music. Poor typhoon victims would benefit from melodies that are tender and soothing to the soul.

 Reflections: hope in a new day

Updates from friends about relief efforts on their side of the pond were heart-warming. Owner of Thailand's top plastic surgery hospital (friend's boss), without anyone asking him, set up a station where people can drop off things they want to give away. He then made arrangements for an airplane to transport the goods to Tacloban.

Joy is joining beautiful friends in supporting a cause

Helping helped us take a step forward in nurturing love for fellow human beings. It was terrific. I learned so much including empathy or at least a shadow of it. Thinking how hard it must be for victims to go without proper meals, I avoided restaurants and tried to keep mine simple

Seeing the world pitch in is beyond touching. Witnessing acts of generosity, cooperation, and kindness in many different ways has rendered me speechless and reduced me to tears (though very rarely do I cry).


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25 February 2013

Grab a stone

"Bangkok on the cheap," says one site about a series of free concerts in Lumpini Park. The Bangkok Symphony Orchestra performs Sunday afternoons in January. Most concert-goers are picnicking at the same time: families and couples twittering and applauding in between bite-size pizzas, sausages in bamboo sticks and oishi tea. Like always the Thai government provides mats for people to sit on. For 'soloists' who come late, well they just have to grab a stone. I did. The guy in blue probably got tired of squatting on the grass with guy in red so he sat on my stone when I stood up to take a photo -

Since it was my first time to watch this concert I had to find it by asking people along the way. This was by the sky train route -

Inside the park; sweet hues by the wayside -

Lumpini Park lake -

Silom side, Bangkok's financial district, in the distance -

A park guard told me to 'trong pai' (go straight) and pointed me to a gazebo from which speakers with announcements in English can be heard so I followed the voice -

I was glad to finally find the freebie after navigating such a vast park. A vocalist sang Reflection from Mulan and there were a few more recognizable pieces like Moon River and that soundtrack from Born on the Fourth of July -

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