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Umbel is "a mass of flowers springing from a single center." (The Phrontistery) The Science Dictionary defines it as "aflatorroundedindeterminateinflorescence inwhich theindividualflowerstalks(calledpedicels)arisefromaboutthesamepointonthestematthetipofthepeduncle." Umbel is a new-to-me word. I'm marking a few things I learned about it:

the flowers at the center of inflorescence are the youngestthe lower of outer flowers bloom firstgeranium, milkweed and onion have umbelsumbels come from latin umbella, meaning a sunshade (does 'umbrella' come to mind?)
I thought I would skip this week's U word, until I looked around to find examples of umbels and found a photo to show. As lantanas mature they change color "resulting in inflorescences (group or cluster of flowers on a stem) that are two- or three-colored." I found these lantanas along a pavement in a memorial park; I was visiting my father's grave in the Philippines

And these are lantanas…