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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow advises, "the best thing one can do when it's raining is to let it rain." I absolutely have no problem with that!

One childhood memory I remember to this day is that afternoon when playmates were out playing basket ball in the rain. Afraid I would get sick, my overprotective mother made me stay indoors. She allowed our dog and even the house help to play. I watched them by the window have the frolic of their lives through tears as torrential as the rain that was pouring, my heart broken.

As an adult an opportunity to stand in the rain presented itself to me in a national park. Seizing it with a vengeance, I found that rain was a natural hair conditioner. But more significantly, I didn't get sick. Did you hear that, Ma? In fact I felt the opposite.

I love chanting, "be still sad heart and cease repining, behind the clouds the sun is still shining. Thy fate is the common fate of all. Into each life some rain must fall. Some days must be …

October charm

It's weekend! Time to share joys and faves:

i. How I love autumn! I had so much fun putting together autumn scenes and quotes despite never actually having seen the season for real.

ii. Check out my ABC chocolate- a gift from a girl friend on my birthday. It's too pretty to eat, which is good so then I avoid too much sugar.

iii. Would you believe I got the ceramic plate for only 32 cents? I imagine it would look fab with a slice of Black Forest or Red Velvet on it.

Blue Monday
iv. And here's Agalico - a quiet English tea room not far from where I live. It was wonderful savoring the charm while waiting for someone who joined me for tea.

Weekend Reflection v. As a fan of Japanese cuisine, I explore restaurants from time to time. It's Honmoni Sushi this week where I tried their saba in teriyake sauce. The set includes miso soup, vegetable salad, egg and tofu, and pickled zucchini. Delicious.

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Too late and too early

Red flags. It's not easy when no one at work tells you (i.e. translate) what's going on. I knew though I was walking past an activity that was almost finished.

On with the walk.  I waited a bit for this rainbow jar to gurgle. Nothing. Then I realized it wasn't evening yet. The fountain was on night duty only. At least I got a few trees and a couple buildings on her shiny wide neck.

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Chakri Naruebet

Sepia Saturday
"What is a newlywed like you doing posing in the middle of a highway?"

"Look closely, Ma. I'm roving the ocean."

"What ocean?"

Wondering, I examined my own photo. Indeed I looked like I was standing where traffic could send my 38-kilogram frame swirling to kingdom come any minute. The sea was a blurry blue. Unrecognizable at a glance.

So I explained to my mother that I wasn't spending my honeymoon risking my life on a Thai highway. I was exploring an ocean beauty docked that time in Sattahip naval base - Chakri Naruebet, or at least a part of her where visitors were allowed -

Wikipedia Fast facts for HTMS Chakri Naruebet: - It is Thailand's first and only aircraft carrier, and the only one in Southeast Asia - it is the world's smallest aircraft carrier - built by Bazan, in Ferrol, Spain - ordered in 1992, launched in 1996, and commissioned into the RTN in 1997 - designed to operate an air group of V/STOL fighter aircraft and …

Mistaken identity

Sepia Saturday
A message in my Outlook inbox on Friday directed Business Administration instructors to head over to the stadium.

I thought it was just like having to watch state-run television to record credits for members of the cheer leading squad.  We did it a couple times in the past.

But this week's activity turned out different.  At least to me.

As I walked out the faculty office door, someone hollered, "it's a three-hour pageant!"

Great. How much coursework is going to be wasted on this non-cur?

Without anything I could do I idly took a snap of Snow White --

-- admired Goldilocks' curvaceous body, half expecting Little Red Riding Hood next.

Where could my students be....  These are normal school pageant girls. We should all be worrying about swine flu.

These contestants should wear masks. After all isn't walking around Bangkok wearing a mask now considered fashion?




I vowed extra points for Rapunzel, my fave princes…

Birthday trip to Singapura

"I'd like to be a kid again but only because naps were insisted, twirling in circles was acceptable, and the only password I had to remember was open sesame." - Adan Burks True.

It was unabashed fun posing with some childhood TV idols at Universal Studios.

At first I was hesitant thinking I was too old, but reckoned what the heck.

'Today I will grin and giggle like that third grader with pigtails that I was, and be quietly thrilled as when I won that little multiplication contest in class. Period.'

Touring Lion City was also officially starting a walking regimen. That's two at a time. Or three: exercising, touring, enjoying the sights. Though highly urban, the country girl in me had no complaints at a Lamborghini whisking by as we explored Marina Bay Sands.

No deadlines, no meetings, no homework, just holiday bliss.

Doing something unplanned and then finding out it feels wonderful should make it to my faves this week -

Like walking barefoot in a part of Gardens …