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Walking by

Skywatch: west side of Taj Mahal
Sally's BluesReflections: by the blue lotus pond
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October has been very eventful. Stress and joys, adventures and challenges, you name it. It's wonderful to have the chance to express gratefulness for making it through this final week of a beautiful month.
i. Surviving a task at work on finance/statistics: not my expertise but I did it. ii. Another world landmark off the bucket list. Taj Mahal is quite a love monument. iii. Angel friends: geographically distant (Canada) but willing to stick it out in their iphones the whole night to give emotional support. iv.  Kiddo in church with minimal adult supervision. The singing ministry does him good.   v. Mom's back at home after fighting off inflammation of the lungs and heart successfully. Now I can breathe.

No wifi

Opened in 1648, "the Taj displays its different moods through its varied shades... as any beauty can ever have." ~

Wall of the Taj up close.

This is my world recently. A two-hour drive from Bangkok, it's all charming and nestled in a river jungle. No wifi. Did you just hear something shut down with a bang? But since I didn't have to cook and maids were around to fix the bed, I say it was still a nice life for a couple of days.

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Mumtaz Mahal

Credits: Wikipedia. (The rest of the photos are mine)
It must be a many-splendored thing to be a Mughal emperor's favorite wife.... You get to rest in peace in a marble mausoleum.

Some quick facts about Mumtaz: she had a 'deep and loving marriage' to Shah Jahan, was given an imperial seat, Muhr Uzah,  mothered fourteen children and died at the birth of the fourteenth.

Mumtaz Mahal is enshrined in magnificent structure.  The tombs inside are empty, cameras are not allowed, but I had what I call an archaeology moment - staring awed at the hole that leads to her actual body 21 meters below.

Now I can say I have really been to India!
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