Mumtaz Mahal

(The rest of the photos are mine)

It must be a many-splendored thing to be a Mughal emperor's favorite wife.... You get to rest in peace in a marble mausoleum.

Some quick facts about Mumtaz: she had a 'deep and loving marriage' to Shah Jahan, was given an imperial seat, Muhr Uzah,  mothered fourteen children and died at the birth of the fourteenth.

Mumtaz Mahal is enshrined in magnificent structure.  The tombs inside are empty, cameras are not allowed, but I had what I call an archaeology moment - staring awed at the hole that leads to her actual body 21 meters below.

Now I can say I have really been to India!


  1. so beautiful - I have to rethink my bucket list ...

  2. FAVORITE wife - what an honor, I guess.


  3. The tomb is iconic but I've never seen a picture of the occupant before.
    Joy - ABC Team

  4. Informative and lovely post and photos for M!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  5. 14 children...yikes. Such interesting details...

  6. The Taj Mahal is on my bucket list.


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