Those charming moments

Skywatch: city is far behind and I'm loving it!

Reflections: serenade

I buy books just because....

My not-so-old hat from the antiques section of a weekend market

 A little yummy error

Maybe I had more of those charming moments this week than the other weeks. I'm thankful.

Swiss sheep farm. Anything that takes me out of sight of urbanization, rising concrete (condos) and drab parking spaces - I'm in. What a treat for the country girl in me!

Somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight.... It's not everyday you get serenaded. I appreciated it. A lot.

The Heart Garden, Eating People is Wrong, etc: my loot from Neilson Hays book sale. Knockoff prices, old plus beautiful library architecture - just my kind of awesome.

Antiques therapy. My apartment is bursting I could hardly navigate the floor without my feet touching things so I didn't buy a truckload this week. Just the one hat. Thanks to the shining sun I had an excuse. But looking at those old, pre-loved treasures made me happy.

At a Vietnamese cafe I decided to not mind being 'lost in translation' so much. I'm a foodie; it helped. I just ate both dishes. Miscommunication is solved.   

Friday's Fave Five & Willy Nilly 5


  1. A lovely series of shots.

  2. Wonderful post and images. The sky shot is beautiful. Have a happy weekend!

  3. I was hoping to see you wearing that new hat. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. You are a kindred spirit... the hat, the music and the books. We'd find tons to talk about.

  5. Lovely series Hazel, the reflection of the piano player's caught my attention. My Dad was a piano player.

  6. Hey there!!! This post? 'just MY kind of awesome' - thank you for taking time to share . . Happy Friday!

  7. Great photos! I am going to have that song in my head all morning, but I don't mind. How beautiful that you were serenaded. I love antiques and have to control myself all the's hard! Beautiful hat!

  8. Yes, I love your moments. Magnificent Orwell's book 1984! Very nice pictures !!

  9. great reflection shot in. the piano I love it. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. The reflection in the piano is my favourite.

  11. Charming indeed! I can just picture you hat on, reading a book, under gorgeous fluffy clouds, being serenaded by the musician, before the gorgeous lunch arrives!

  12. Love your pictures especially the one of the piano playing hands. My brother is a pianist/composer and just over Thanksgiving played for us, while I took shots of his hands for a future gifting project.

  13. What a neat post. I love how you explain the photos. Loved that hat, I would have bought that myself. - I enjoy reading but sometimes find it hard to find time to fit it in.
    Music is always good for one's soul. nice to get a little food surprise like that.

  14. I absolutely love that hat! And how neat to be serenaded!

  15. what a fun mistake with that meal! love the hat and i buy books just because too! that sheep farm looks like a place i would love...wonderful reflections!! thank you for linking and hope you are enjoying your weekend!!

  16. Lovely reflection of the hands playing the Piano!
    And, the Orwell is a nice addition.

    Have a Beautiful Day!

    Peace :)

  17. Which was best--the reflection, the music or the person?
    Books--can't have too many!

  18. Wonderful series of shots ~ all very creative, Hazel!

    Happy Week to you,
    artmusedog and carol


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