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The lull

When it comes to shopping, I am happiest among books, shoes, and vintage stuff. This week I did books.

Exploring book covers is so much fun. The hours just fly.

Kinokuniya, Siam Paragon

A special place to browse and buy books: inside a ship. I loved it then; I'm enjoying the memory now.
Skywatch: Logos Hope

Weekend teas with books in places like this make the afternoons lovely.

Reflections:  around Agalico

Active culinary department: in most parts of the Philippines Christmas begins as soon as the months start ending in 'ber' so that's September for us. And then in December, right when Christmas parties in schools are over, it's non-stop cooking in kitchens at homes, at least in homes I know. Food, glorious food. But right now it's something simple.

I call this the lull
Clam chowder soup in a bread bowl from Au Bon Pain

I must have mentioned this in previous faves and joys posts that I would be home for Christmas this year. By Friday next week I will not be in Bangko…

To the suburbs we go

An activity in the academic calendar was not translated to English for me to adjust the course outline in time. Someone's syllabus is going to be shaken up.... The thought of sitting for hours through untranslated details bothered me but then -

Reflections: weekend dinner view
It turned out we would join the main campus (of Thonbury University) in celebrating ASEAN Day which means no stressing over multiple regressions, figure interpretations, stuff like that for a day. A much welcome break!

A trip that involves feeling like being in the country or at least signs that some countryside is close by is great in my books. Skyscrapers and crazy traffic disappearing as the bus speeds to the suburbs - ah! My excitement was like To Grandma's House We Go.

Skywatch: homeward bound
Speeches, a quiz bowl, food fair and demos later, I found a spot to wait for students to get into the buses that would take us back to the city.

Water World: Electrical Engineering Department pond

This is oppo…

Ukulele festival

Organized by Ribbee Boutique Ukulele Paradise, the third Thailand Ukulele International Festival took place at Siam Paragon in October 2013. I just happened to be passing by. But the instrument reminds me of those afternoons under a Balimbing tree with a cousin who taught me to play a few chords. I wished the piano, which I hated at the time (lessons and practice sessions were stealing play hours), were as easy as you only needed to learn a few chords and you're accompanying someone singing several songs.

The artists in this festival played complicated tunes I never heard before. It was fun.

Do you play the ukulele or have one at home?

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