The lull

When it comes to shopping, I am happiest among books, shoes, and vintage stuff. This week I did books.

Exploring book covers is so much fun. The hours just fly.

Kinokuniya, Siam Paragon

A special place to browse and buy books: inside a ship. I loved it then; I'm enjoying the memory now.

Skywatch: Logos Hope

Weekend teas with books in places like this make the afternoons lovely.

Reflections:  around Agalico

Active culinary department: in most parts of the Philippines Christmas begins as soon as the months start ending in 'ber' so that's September for us. And then in December, right when Christmas parties in schools are over, it's non-stop cooking in kitchens at homes, at least in homes I know. Food, glorious food. But right now it's something simple.

I call this the lull

Clam chowder soup in a bread bowl from Au Bon Pain

I must have mentioned this in previous faves and joys posts that I would be home for Christmas this year. By Friday next week I will not be in Bangkok but in South Cotabato. Home sweet home. My heart just leaped to my throat saying that. Party every day! I'm not sure I'll be back in time to blog about it but I'll try.

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  1. I think I would have started with shoes ;)
    How nice that you will be home for Christmas!

  2. I've been trying to talk my husband into taking me on a ship, now I can say "But I want to look for books!"

  3. I loved your book-themed faves! Hope you have a great time at home for Christmas!

  4. lovely afternoons photo...reflection is excellent...Enjoy your Christmas time...

  5. The bread bowl filled with clam chowder is making me drool. How fun to shop on a ship. Books, shoes and add handbags in there and I would be in shopping heaven!

  6. Books would be my favourite starting place too! So happy for you that you're going home. Take lots of pictures and tell us about it when you get back! A very Merry Christmas!

  7. The bread bowl is such a great idea for presenting a soup... Nice pics !

  8. Books. Books and Tea. Books and Boats. All of those are winners in my opinion, too.
    Enjoy being HOME for CHRISTMAS! Safe travels to you!

  9. Oh, I am so looking forward to the days when my time will be spent reading books (most probably ebooks, lol), drinking tea, and tending my organic garden! :P For now I have to deal with a screaming 5yr-old and a moody teen. But am not complaining.This is life. :)

    thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Ms. Hazel
    enjoy your Christmas vacation here at home!

  10. A beautiful post full of delightful moments, thanks for sharing and all the best for the holidays


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