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Tea and poetry
commemorate a milestone
on May twenty-third
A greeting arrives
happy birthday little guy!
aren't you eight just once?
Smiling quietly
his reply brings utter joy:
I love you, Mommy!
Haiku my Heart and Haiku Heights

Beautiful eight

On Wednesday, May 23rd CJ turned 8. Planning the celebration was ironically quicker in a distance than when I was personally fussing over every detail in previous birthdays. I woke up at half past six, Thailand time and waited for the clock to strike seven when it was eight in the Philippines to greet my little guy.

He was already out biking. My heart danced at how normal a young boy's activity that can be. Grandma hollered, "CJ! your Mom's on the phone!" Pause - then it was a trumpeting sound on the line. He let me in on it: "my Ben 10 sword, Mommy." Oh, okay. I thought it was new year there already.

Quite a birthday. Quiet and controlled as I put together a few things that bind us -

A reading to commemorate CJ's eighth year -

and eight things I am thankful for:
reaching the eighth year in good health
the opportunity to celebrate it
big improvement on speech and motor skills
having the means to provide for him
feeling heaven's warmth on my tea table,
which w…