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Lady Gaga's Bad Bangkok Romance

[caption id="attachment_11176" align="alignleft" width="212"] Photo Credit: omg! from YAHOO[/caption]

January 1st 2011 (1.1.11) at The Hilton, I asked a friend over martini and repetitive ra-ra-roma-ma- ma-oh-la-la, 'what's that song and who sang it?'

Out of curiosity I would have watched Lady Gaga's concert Friday night At Rajamangala Stadium if the bleachers had not run out. Thai Ticket Major Central Bangna branch offered me what's left, and I get to choose which among the 7,000 baht-seats I would pay for to stand. That's right: to stand. I went, "what? 7000 baht to stand while some pop artist  screams in my face?"

I resisted calling a student whose company organizes concerts and has connections with tickets to every major concert in the kingdom. She did it successfully for me at the Eagles concert in 2011. Somehow with this Lady Gaga thing I decided it's not worth making calls. And now I'm glad I'm finding aff…