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The Killing Fields

I love touring and sightseeing. I don't hesitate to visit an interesting place twice if there's a chance. But I am not visiting this place again even if you paid me to do it.

Cheong Ek Genocidal Center in a distance

After many whispers of wows at the splendor of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, my companions and I proceeded to Phnom Pehn. I was kicking to finally see the Killing Fields. "This is it," I mused as my 12-year old self: "those rows of 'cabbages' (skulls) in a documentary with John Lennon singing Imagine, now the Killing Fields for real." We then started exploring.

At first I thought this was an old pigsty. What we saw were... bones

And that was when we fell silent -

especially when we realized that much of the ground is still strewn with clothes of victims.
 more clothes

'Truck Stop:' "place where trucks transporting victims to be exterminated from Toul Sleng Prison, stopped."
Truly depressing. I wanted to get out as much as I wa…


It was a quiet Khmer morning. Friends and I were traveling to Siem Reap. The van we were riding in slowed down by a procession. Curiosity managed to snap a shot of what looked like a miniature house carried by a truck. As it disappeared into gathering speed I saw a coffin inside it.

The deceased apparently had something thousands of his countrymen we visited at the Killing Fields the day before never had - an obsequies.


Dove wings, rustling greens
deeds penetrate the heavens
a whiff of cool blue

Now comes the quiet
clear blue remnants of Khmer
may souls rest in peace

Question: what's the deal
between green and violet?
True color matters

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