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Are we there yet?

The Yellow Bus Line operated the only land transport in South Cotabato about twenty years ago. YBL buses ply the Koronadal - Gensan - Davao route.  For long distances many South Cotabatenos preferred taking the yellow bus over those jeepneys called strikers.

A trip to Davao from Gensan would usually take 2.5 -3 hours. As a kid I remember happily observing the passing scenery or munching snacks while riding this bus with my family. If I didn't fall asleep, I was impatient, "are we there yet?"

The dust swirling around our nostrils and vision was normal. Arduous. But that was then. Now you may want to carry your tech thingies if you are on board one of their premiere buses as wifi has been enabled.

What are your buses called in your province?
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