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Old ladies

Wrinkly and rusty, how she must have been paraded around by World War II officers during the day!

This is a display inside Jeath War Museum. Further down the tour, here's Old Miss Thin and Saggy. She must be given credit for hanging in there all these years.

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Dulcinea's legs

"Tut tut it looks like rain..."

And Dulcinea's legs stood at attention while Pooh Bear floated up the Honey Tree.

I imagine many delightful things when I sniff rain or better while it's raining. 

That building behind this lawn of chairs, which I baptized Dulcinea's legs, is one of many others that can be seen as you speed on the Bangna Trat superhighway.  Which was about to get drenched.

How long ago did I talk about the notorious Bangkok heat? And now it's rainy season. Here's my favorite spot at work. After a rain.

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