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The fairy tree

Delight is a heart of pearl-white beads, a pink ribbon and satin flowers. My students gave me this token on the occasion of the Queen's birthday a couple weeks ago.

Fun is buying yourself something nice though you know you won't wear it everyday. This watch will be on my wrist as I host lunch for cousins and their kids come Saturday.

Joy is finding something very charming in the midst of modern technology. I call this the Fairy Tree. It sprung out in the middle of the former World Trade mall; appeals highly to the country girl in me. 

Yum is a succession of crepe cheese cake, coconut ice cream, Auntie Annie pretzels with sour cream sauce and grape-blueberry juice, tiny butter and banana cupcakes, chicken salad and Pepper Lunch beef steak to fuel a series of film screenings.

Anticipation is excitement over getting things ready for a little family gathering on Saturday and celebrations which are going to be spread through normal professional duties. 
Friday, August 30th is my birth…

Go graduate

A university president was guest speaker at graduation rites in a neighboring school. He was fascinated by seniors in cap and gown taking their time marching to the tune of Pomp and Circumstance. When he rose to address them he recounted how they do graduations over at his university -

"Our graduating students don't march. They sprint. We herd them to the stage to receive their diplomas as fast as we can like we are in a hurry to get rid of them."

That was 1993. I was a member of that graduating class who responded with a collective chuckle at that ceremony comparison. Fast forward to 2013: the memory came back when I noticed a photo background at the entrance of my playground recently -

Getting ready for my next class, I glance at global warming, space tourism, export trends stuff for the day. Another batch of university kids are going to graduate. God I'm old.
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Tea on the porch

I love rain. Some of my dearest moments are rainy afternoons when I get to read or just sit on the porch and watch the earth getting soaked. And I got to do that this week with

a cup of hot Lady Grey. It's 'fragrant, bright and light... infused with orange, lemon and bergamot.'

Tara Road by Maeve Binchy was a lovely read from all the Grishams, Crichtons and Dan Browns my nose was buried in in the past weeks.

This dream of walking a tree-lined dirt road that leads to a pretty little cottage seems to have intensified in the last recent weeks. I realize it is a pipe dream, at least for now.  So I make do with a flower shop. The sight is therapeutic.
Flower shops, just like book shops are some of the happiest spots people can be in.

For yesterday's brunch I ordered a salad randomly. With mind at work I just hoped it would be worth its price. It was. Some days turn so well, yummy and healthy.

This has been a week filled with blessings to enjoy and be grateful for.


Five favorite fish

"Fish, not fishes?" a Thai student tries to clear up his confusion. "I know..." I wink while going through plural rules with them, "wait until the 'last leaf clings to the bough. It will get really tough.'"
I love fish. It's a staple part of my diet whether at home or when dining out. But I don't know many of their names and when that is the case I identify them according to where or when I ate them. These are five of my favorite fish:
Kinilaw or raw tuna chunks soaked in coconut vinegar, salt and refined sugar; and mixed with purple onion, ginger, chili and cucumber. This was during one of those summer vacations in the Philippines. Kinilaw is a native Filipino fish dish. '
Lapu-lapu escabeche or sweet and sour lapu-lapu. These are ginger, carrot and bell pepper strips. I can't find the pineapples but I think there were. The son must have eaten them already when I took this photo.
Skipjack stew - cooked with vinegar, soy sauce, garlic…

Alone with the dragon

His buddies have all taken shelter from the raging sun. But he seems worried about the wind blowing away their props. It was the University Games the next day.

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Queen's birthday week

What a pleasure to wake up, realize it's a holiday and therefore... free time! Thailand's Queen Sirikit had her birthday on Monday. It was also Thai Mother's Day. After a little FB chat with a cousin we, her kids and two uncles headed to a place we used to avoid (pricy) but always wanted to see.

Chocolate Ville is little Europe / America in Asia. Business is mainly dining with lots of photo opportunities. Some spots, particularly the Waterfront Glasshouse made me fancy another visit to England.

What's a celebration without food? There were loads but my favorites are (upper, l-r) fried oysters and santol salad topped with peanuts; (lower, l-r) chocolate strawberry cake and mango chocolate mousse

I never realized how beautiful a quiet moment could be by a pretty window like this until I did. It was like looking at a lovely book cover and walking right into it. 

Over in the city center, Dasa Books is having their Blow-out sale - $.29cents each. I had a little spr…

Happy birthday, Your Majesty

The Queen of Thailand celebrates her 81st birthday Monday, August 12th, which is also Thai Mother's Day.  The kingdom is in celebration mode.

 HM Queen Sirikit
Pre-birthday exhibit at Government House
Flowers for her in front of a mall

Many families go alfresco. Mine explores Chocolate Ville

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Listening to a prayer

The nephew turns 13. Is that when kids officially become a teenager? I did think Cacoi may boycott this cake. But being the crazy aunt I could sometimes be, I went ahead and bought him what I call the Beatrix Potter Beauty; and at the same time wondered how I could make it up should he not like it. But bingo! He debuted a promising teenager smile and I exhaled happily.

At the food-laden table the birthday boy's friend said grace. His words were elegant and cute for one so young. I realized how mature this boy sounded than many adults I know including myself.

We concluded the party at King's Park where we had lakeside pizza and body stretching in the park gym; explored a minor maze and walked flower-lined trails. It felt really good after long months of stilettos, drab AC hums and ear-ritating lift bells.

Cacoi in blue shirt, his friend in white, and siblings Jovi and John
Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes things alive and significa…

Dory Seafood Bistro

Thanks to calamari I foundDory

And the lemon grass juice transported me back to those late afternoons long ago when Ma would start preparing dinner and would send me to the backyard to get a sprig of lemon grass that she would add to her fat mackerel soup.
I like calamari; been eating bowls and plates of the rings from time to time since falling in love with them hanging out late 90s in Planet Hollywood - a place which seems to have disappeared from view along Bangkok's Ploen Chit Road.
That's how a little hankering led me to Dory
I was admiring the dainty windows and staring at the ceiling while waiting for my food. Aren't these chandeliers reminiscent of anchors?  

But then of course it's seafood and Dory

If I could not associate the words I might as well start imagining a trident before Ariel and Flounder come gliding by.

But what do you do when your order takes long to arrive and you're waiting in the midst of Greek-inspired deco? 

I went traipsing Kalokairi …