The fairy tree

Delight is a heart of pearl-white beads, a pink ribbon and satin flowers. My students gave me this token on the occasion of the Queen's birthday a couple weeks ago.

Fun is buying yourself something nice though you know you won't wear it everyday. This watch will be on my wrist as I host lunch for cousins and their kids come Saturday.

Joy is finding something very charming in the midst of modern technology. I call this the Fairy Tree. It sprung out in the middle of the former World Trade mall; appeals highly to the country girl in me. 

Yum is a succession of crepe cheese cake, coconut ice cream, Auntie Annie pretzels with sour cream sauce and grape-blueberry juice, tiny butter and banana cupcakes, chicken salad and Pepper Lunch beef steak to fuel a series of film screenings.

Anticipation is excitement over getting things ready for a little family gathering on Saturday and celebrations which are going to be spread through normal professional duties. 

Friday, August 30th is my birthday.  I am thankful that I have reached another year intact despite troubles in the past. The scars are manageable; lessons enough to keep me growing. Life has been very good.

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  1. A treat for yourself and one from your students -- how divine! And I'm with you on the yum and the flowers.

  2. Got my mouth watering for dinner. Almost time in my neck of the woods.

  3. As I am reading this on Friday I'd like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    The fairy tree looks so pretty. I love to see nature springing up in likely places.

    Your gathering sounds fun.

    I love the way you presented your fave faves this week.

  5. awww, belated Happy Birthday!!! <3

    i love seeing "natural" things in their "unnatural" settings, too. makes me feel connected to the earth, somehow. :)

    what a lovely feast! made me realize it has been ages since i had my Auntie Annie pretzel!

    appreciate much your taking the time to share and link over at Food Friday, Hazel
    have fun hosting this weekend! :)


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