Queen's birthday week

What a pleasure to wake up, realize it's a holiday and therefore... free time! Thailand's Queen Sirikit had her birthday on Monday. It was also Thai Mother's Day. After a little FB chat with a cousin we, her kids and two uncles headed to a place we used to avoid (pricy) but always wanted to see.

Chocolate Ville is little Europe / America in Asia. Business is mainly dining with lots of photo opportunities. Some spots, particularly the Waterfront Glasshouse made me fancy another visit to England.


What's a celebration without food? There were loads but my favorites are (upper, l-r) fried oysters and santol salad topped with peanuts; (lower, l-r) chocolate strawberry cake and mango chocolate mousse

I never realized how beautiful a quiet moment could be by a pretty window like this until I did. It was like looking at a lovely book cover and walking right into it. 

Over in the city center, Dasa Books is having their Blow-out sale - $.29cents each. I had a little spree with 15 titles. Such a treat for book lovers.


  1. thanks for sharing; have a happy Thursday

    much love...

  2. Looks like lots of fun Hazel.

  3. your week was full of blessings!! that food looks delish.....and yay for holidays!!

  4. Now that is some deal on books! I would not have been able to restrain myself!

    Love the tulips in the window. The picture makes me happy, tulips are my favorite.

    The trip with family looks like an interesting place to explore.

  5. I read at least four books a week, I'd devour those.

  6. Your holiday outing sounds like fun! Always nice to have a day off and be able to visit some fun sites with family. Chocolate Ville sounds like a great place to visit!

    That setting with the flowers in front of the window is so pretty.

    What a great book sale!

  7. Lovely place! And yummy food!!! The santol salad caught my fancy ... was it savoury?
    I would love to buy books (bookstores)...but I no longer have a place for them here at home (meaning: our place is too small and already packed! lol), that's why I have resorted to buying ebooks instead. My to-read list in my ereader is now around a mile long! :P

    appreciate much your taking the time to share and link over at Food Friday, Hazel
    enjoy the weekend and the holiday!

    1. It was. Perfect for other things fried.

      I haven't gotten around to e-books. Lack of space will probably be the same reason for me to e-read eventually. But for now I'm 'savoring' the experience with traditional books for as long as I can.

  8. Happy Birthday to the Thai Queen! And Happy Mother's Day to you, Hazel. That touristy spot is truly beautiful. You obviously had a wonderful time!

  9. I remember liking Milk Glass Moon.... haven't read the others.

  10. A BEAUTIFUL quiet moment picture! And Chocolate Ville sounds so nice. I can get lost in a bookstore, and sales? Watch out!

    Hope you have a great week ahead!


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