I will be entertaining...

Skywatch: on an expressway to Pratunam, that area in Bangkok where everything is cheap.

Reflections: history wings and things

I Heart Macro: floral tribute

Friday's Fave Five: Anticipation mode. My entrails are somersaulting. Come, September, come!

1 Teacher's day. It's that time of year when I'm so in love with my profession.

2 New apartment, new furniture. In the move I found a photo which I thought I had lost forever. It's of my parents, the last and only one with my rarely-seen-in-photos father in it a few years before he died. I was just thrilled with the discovery.

3 A change I don't mind. It was originally Bali in three weeks. Thanks to an unexpected problem with the travel agency, it's now New Delhi.  Hello Taj Mahal!

4 Re-entry permit and visa report sorted. Always a relief to get immigration stuff out of the way.

5 I will be entertaining. A friend from high school I haven't seen in 26 years is coming to visit September 18th. And then we're going to India.


  1. Lovely and dramatic.

  2. Beautiful photos, and yes dramatic.

  3. Beautiful pictures and nice travel perspectives !

  4. Wow...great photos and enjoy that friend visit and trip!! BUT...HOW do you get away from the classroom when school just started?? (i'm assuming it just started? i'm a teacher too and we begin on wed sept 3). ENJOY India...

    1. I'm leaving around examination time and there's a one-week break before a new term begins. We do have classes in September but our timetable, at least in the department where I belong, is slightly different. :)

  5. Gorgeous sky shot with wonderful composition ~ Happy Weekend to you!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  6. The serie is awesome ! I came for the reflection, and I will leave with this stunning flower composition : congratulation to the artist who made it, wow !

  7. How exciting to find that photo!

    I'm glad the immigration stuff has been worked out. Hope you have a fun trip and a great school year!

  8. Beautiful sky and other shots too.

  9. Beautiful sky and lovely images. Have a great weekend and happy skywatching!

  10. Long time friends are the best. Happy for you to have found that precious photo! The sky picture is just lovely.

  11. Beautiful pictures, the clouds are stunning.

  12. Gorgeous shots and so colourful! Great!

  13. Nothing is better than a teacher who loves his/her job. That's so refreshing!

    That's neat that you found that old photo!!

    Have safe travels and have fun!!

  14. Oh and what a relief to have the immigration stuff out of the way.

  15. Some tribute!
    And September came...

  16. My last unexpected Travel changes brought me to Frankfurt Main Station - I'd rather take New Delhi! I love the colors of your photos - and I wish you the best for your plans and visits!


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