Chili commerce

Mai sai prik na ka, (no chili, please) is what I always say when I buy a short-order meal. Sometimes the instruction is followed; sometimes I just have to sip ice cold Coke all the way. Chili is major in Thailand. Where fruit chunks are what you normally see on your blender, it is chili here. You have to watch what you sniff or look at if you pass by street food cooking or you sneeze and tear up as some aroma finds its way to your eyes and nostrils.

Biting red and dry, these quiet chilis are practically harmless... until they are stir frying in the wok. What could be next...

Ingredients beyond what makes up ketchup or mustard are on display too.
It is early Sunday market in Saraburi. This tent finally sets me in the mood for commerce.

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  1. This is so different and well presented. Chillies make me sneeze too but I think little bit is okay for me.

  2. slowly but surely i am getting used to chili and when there is none i tend to ask for it in my food.

    well presented indeed.

  3. I can feel a sneeze coming on just looking at all those chilis!!

  4. Wonderful post. Chillies reminds me of my childhood. I had put my chilly hand into the eyes.

  5. I like chilli but not too much I also sneeze when I have to breathe in the aroma. Make the food taste great though.

  6. Indrani, a little bit also works for me

    Photo Cache, I am beginning to look for it as well when it's not in my food. Long years have trained my sense of smell to wonder about if when it's missing

    Leslie, that's how I used feel when I was adjusting my palate to this land of chili patches :)

  7. Rajesh, whoa! chili in the eyes is something else. Sounds serious....

    Glennis, in many ways, yes it does.

  8. Great description and wonderful shots. Very colorful and appealing to me. I like hot and spicy food.

  9. Yes the hot spice makes me sneeze and tear up! But sometimes they smell good. :)

    Makes me want to go to market.

  10. When I was young ;-)
    I did nail biting
    (I hope its good english ;(
    My mother put chillie on my nails
    and when I would bite burns....
    :( :(
    I never did it again !!!!

  11. I don't think I would survive there.I am such a wimp when it comes to spicy food.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.


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