24 February 2014

A sweet blue situation

Ever experienced being disoriented while traveling? It was not jet lag in my case. Fourteen hours on a Bangkok - London flight with additional whirl changing air crafts in the UAE, and I was strolling around Scarborough Castle early the next day. So the culprit was very likely the stress around my mutilated passport.

A few minutes before deplaning in Manila, I learned that our pilot was a lady. I whispered wow as I recalled how the plane felt as if it was gliding playfully on its side through a forest like a merry fairy shortly after take off.

And that takes me back to a sweet dilemma: PhD or learn to fly?

So as I waited for my cocktail during this year's Valentine al fresco dinner with single friends, I fancied engaging both, but one at a time. Then the server came with my drink miffing me out of doctoral and helicopter reverie to a vision in sea green!

You see I deliberately ordered Blue Hawaii for Sally, and what did I get? Ah well, at least the glass on the right seems true to my color intention. I still gave a nice tip and quickly dropped the disappointment for more significant things, my faves this week:
  • one month absence from work all forgiven; salary is intact, no deductions whatsoever
  • surviving a boardroom situation: I ate linguistic implausibility though I've been in this playground long enough to judge which games are worth stressing over. From the registrar's report to the PR chief's apathetic statements to a colleague's lecturer issues, our chairs swiveled in butt-kicking tension for over an hour
  • Dan Brown's Inferno. Finally. I bought my copy last year but got sidetracked by Crichton and Grisham. Like usual, my insomnia antidote
  • transfer of my visa from the mutilated passport to the new one is complete. The thing is a gnawing stomach in a terribly long queue is no joke. I risked losing my number by sprinting to a cafe and made it back on time!
  • life-saving visa salmon and honey lemon tea brunch; that's how I call this

11 February 2014

See you later, alligator!

There's something about going up in the air. Some kind of high. I may have felt homesick watching the buildings grow smaller as the plane zoomed into space, but it's cool joy to welcome the normality of getting back to work.

Thursday my passport was sorted. Suddenly I didn't want to think of Bangkok. I packed wondering when I can come back home. But then it's wonderful to see the end of this stress so of course this one tops my faves for the week. There was one final thing I did before dealing with airports and immigration.

I went to see my old man.

Back in 2005 I defied sorrow that only death could pull off by glaring at it in my mind dry-eyed throughout the burial ceremony. How dare you snatch my father, you massive coronary! 

Fast forward to 2014. Holy Garden Matutum Memorial Park was breezy when we walked in. The kiddo insisted that his Tigger relaxed beside my anthuriums. It gets easier each year. Time does heal.  

Less than thirty-six hours later I flew back to life in the fast lane. And didn't I just love the legroom around my 1A seat!

It will be a year or two before I can have these delicacies again. I want to hold on to this memory one more time before facing cafe meals eaten hurriedly beside computers:  At church potluck Pastor Mandreza got busy pairing off widows and widowers. For the first time ever I didn't mind the banter over the possibility that my mother could marry again. Better yet, I didn't know what made me full: these coconut sport dessert and fern salad or the laughter galore.

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