Different kind of romance: fixation for Blacks

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Have you ever fallen in love with a fictional character? Who and what about them did you love?

Not really in love. Infatuated, more likely. A girl friend enticed me to read the Twilight Series.  She's a medical doctor in her mid 30s; I'm a freaking university instructor in my late 30s, and we giggle over 16-y.o. Jacob Black?! We liked Edward Cullen too but he's too pale-skinned and can never beat Jake's six pack. Oh la-la! I mean it's awesome to just feel and not think sometimes.

And there's Sirius Black of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban fame. Seriously I enjoyed fantasizing over him. Rich, handsome, arrogant, bully.  A lot like my real life ex-husband. No wonder a male friend calls me gaga at regular intervals. But I am completely at peace with the world and my neurotic self about all this.

Thursday Thirteen: Love - Hate
The wizarding world's characters that I love and hate in simultaneous order

1. Albus Dumbledore leader, wise
2. Severus Snape ill-tempered, bitter (felt a bit sorry for him at the end though)
3. Hagrid loyal, gentle giant friend
4. Draco Malfoy bully, feeling entitled... mean
5. Sirius Black ruggedly handsome, rich, intelligent
6. Dolores Umbridge I see corrupt, real world Education industry officials in her
7. Professor Moody or Crouch Jr's disguise transfigured Malfoy into a ferret, love it
8. Minerva McGonagall I love her for telling Dolores Umbridge off in class. Bravo!
9. Rita Skeeter annoying journalist
10. Molly Weasley so motherly, very loving and quite protective of her brood
11. Bellatrix Lestrange insane, nasty
12. Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger the main ones
13. Vernon, Petunia and Dudley Dursley uptight muggles


  1. Yes, I think it's okay to acknowledge that part of ourselves...and even accept that we may have made choices in our real lives based on qualities from books and movies. Those qualities that don't live up to our fantasies in the harsh light of day...lol


  2. Those qualities that don't live up to our fantasies - usually end up in the divorce office. Opsss ....

  3. I'm right there with you - especially about the Twilight stuff. Shakes head.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I agree with being infatuated, not in love, they are only book characters.


  5. There's nothing wrong with having crushes on characters from books, if you ask me. As a writer, I can admit that I form crushes on some of my characters while I'm writing them - which is probably a bit stranger than crushing on someone else's creation.

    Happy TT!

  6. Heh. I'm 27 and I'm all about some teenagers too.

    Check out my answer here

  7. So many characters to love and hate in the HP series. One of my favorite secondary characters was Neville. Though a minor character in most of the books, I loved the way his confidence grew in books 4 through 7 (though I think this came through more in the movies than some of the books).

  8. I cannot think of anyone I have fantasized about recently, but in my youth I think I yearned for Heathcliff of Wuthering Heights.

  9. LOVE Sirius Black!! Well, the adult Sirius, anyway.... :)

  10. I remember Neville's confidence excellently portrayed particularly in the final book.

  11. Those were the days in HS, I was very fond of reading. I do not know what made me stop.

    Though I have been buying those books for Zee: LOTR, Twilight and the books of M Creighton, to mention some.

    I guess, the camera took over the books.


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