Managing My Minutes: do I really need to? - a review

They are only minutes and we have big things that require days, months or forever to do, so do we spend hours discussing the minutes or do we just play it by ear?

Managing My Minutes: Do I Really Need To? shows why and how the minutes matter. It is when the work is great that there's a need to pay attention to little details. In a sea of chores moms or anyone managing a home may hope the children or loved ones in the household will cooperate so things are done quickly. But that may not be always the case. You wonder why the Jones children behave better, their obedience systematic. Is there a secret trick for that?

Author Lorrie Flem points you to a law in the natural world that serves as a guide to help you understand what you might be getting wrong. It's not magic, nor a 'get-rich' formula but an 'app' you can actually make use of. This e-book works around a concept most of us deal with whatever social roles we play - schedule. Now I usually treat schedule as routine, but as this book differentiated the two words, I am seeing how will my 'puzzle pieces' fit together nicely.

A recent change in my professional timetable cleared my weekday mornings. I am free Monday to Friday from dawn til midday you would reasonably think I am well on my way to chapter II of my dissertation. Quite the opposite. Being Miss Busy Doing Nothing is alarming. A section of this e-book addresses my predicament and enables me to confirm where I stand on managing my minutes.

You'll be delighted at how ancient terms bear similarities to business / political references so familiar today. I was. With real life scenario used to analyze the foundation of getting scheduling right, it was then easy for me to nail the thesis of the book, which also provides an assurance that paying attention to the little minutes is worth it in the long run. As a sucker for value of time and effort, the idea works well with me. Find out more of what I'm talking about by reading the book. Details are here. You may want to have a look at the author's site - Eternal Encouragement for related info.

Thanks to Jen of The Happy Little Homemaker for the product photo.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest and fair review.


  1. Time is money,so I believe that a minute can change your life forever. It is indeed life changing! Wish the ebook you are referring to will be free for downloading in ePUb bud :)

  2. Time is always a hard thing to manage as it moves so fast when you are on deadline and moves so slow when you are bored but managing it can balance this difference.

  3. proper time management and having schedules i think is the key

  4. Personally, I believe time is the most precious commodity of all. Sadly, many seem to ignore this fact. I have to admit that I am guilty of that, too. :-( It's something I've been trying to improve and work on. Maybe I just need to read this book to see how I can overcome the hurdle of improper time management.

  5. Time is soo precious to be wasted. And being a mom of two makes it more precious. I think I really need to read that ebook.

  6. Either short or long periods of time maybe needed for a job to be well done. What matters is how effective and competent we are to accomplish such tasks.

  7. Sometimes, being busy doing nothing helps us be more productive. But there is a thin line between that and procrastination. Sadly, I tend to linger on procrastination mode than being productive. I can never be a person of routine. Or perhaps I am yet to learn the secret in managing my minutes.

  8. It's hard really to budget time. but I guess the important thing is do things that need attention most and learn to prioritize.

  9. I am one who lost track of time for so long now. :/ Schedule, organization, routine...these are things I should be working on.


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