Places in Harry Potter

Sometime ago I answered this question: If you had to choose to live within a novel, which would it be? My answer was -

Without much ado Harry Potter's Hogwarts! What a place to explore! I'd like to transfigure arrogant Malfoy into a cross-eyed cockroach. *kidding* And when I feel like cutting Snape's class I'll hang out at Hagrid's hut. Then during summers head to The Burrow. As Ron Weasley says, "it's not much, but it's home."

Let's travel to England. Can you name these places in Harry Potter?

My favorite places in Harry Potter
(go left to right for names and photo source links)

1   Hogwarts the moving staircases and all the magical learning!
2   Shell Cottage a newly-weds' home must be sweet and lovely
3   Flourish and Blotts books books and books!
4   Hogsmeade appeals to the country girl in me
5   Honeydukes for your sweet tooth
6   The Leaky Cauldron when one day in Diagon Alley is not enough
7   The Burrow 'dilapidated and standing only by magic' ah!... wonderful
8   Florean Fortescue choco raspberry with chopped nuts. yum!
9   Diagon Alley shop til we drop
10 Madam Puddifoot is where we will have high tea


  1. I have never been a Harry Potter fan but I can understand the feel. I would love to live in England in general although not necessarily in a Harry Potter setting. Pride and Prejudice England is more my thing. :D

  2. I would also love to study in Hogwarts and be part of Slytherin (accdg. to Pottermore).. :D

  3. It would really be nice to live in a real life hogwarts as these are really scenic place aside from being associate with HP.

  4. This are really scenic attraction that made Harry Potter an even more bigger hit.

  5. Really great production. I wish to be able to visit any one of these places, someday. Haha!

  6. Oh my goodness!! I can hardly relate because I've never watched even one Harry Potter movie but I'm sure these places are well-known world-wide.


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