Life in the slow lane

As if the delay of my passport release was not enough, the office of Academic Affairs emailed to remind me that my work license was expiring. So much for being happily stuck at home, sweet home. I should probably start pleading for a miracle. There had to be something to make up for this black cloud over my holidaying head. I tried looking around and it's wonderful to find joys and faves despite all this trouble.

Ever tried going around looking for something you fancy eating in a downpour? Life in the slow lane. You can afford time to do what you want the way you want it. It was like stepping back into a world where deadlines don't exist. No alarm clocks. No meetings. Just friendly vendors selling fruits under trees in front of their houses.

Tuesday I sorted out a couple of beneficiary issues on my health insurance. If you are familiar with how paperwork is done in the Philippines, you would consider yourself lucky if you got things done in one go. This time I did and to celebrate I took Ma and Cj to Barrio Otso (Village 8) to spend a lovely afternoon eating a yummy dessert.

A friend said that my passport issue could be a sign that I should not go back to Bangkok, at least not just yet. Political unrest is happening there right now anyway. I thought it could be. I'm falling fast for the mountains around. They give the country girl in me a rather better view of the world out there.

Then Wednesday I rang DFA and was told my passport was on its way to Gensan from Manila. Things are looking up. My heart leapt to my throat. I am thankful and excited.

So this is what I fancied eating. Through the rain. Wish granted.


  1. liking the slow lane. when I go on vacation it takes me forever to slow down. but once I get there it is a nice change!

  2. The slow lane gives you plenty of time to appreciate the beauty of little things around you. Love the first rainy photo and the gorgeous mountain view.

  3. Wonderful shots.
    Agree with Gemma, the slow lane allows you to notice things that you probably overlooked.

  4. Great shots! The colors in your sky are fantastic!

  5. Glad things worked out for you. Trust your travels will be safe.

  6. What lovely shots.

  7. I am glad your passport is on its way. Safe travels. Lovely series of photos. Happy weekend!

  8. Wonderful photos! I hope your passport issue is resolved quickly.

  9. Great captures!

    Happy weekend.


  10. Beautiful shots, the last one was very interesting and I'm glad your passport is on it's way. Mine just expired, I'm not looking forward to the hassle of renewing it.

  11. What pretty photos, especially of the mountains. I am so glad the passport issue seems to be worked out now, or nearly so at least.

  12. I like the slow lane too… beautiful photos Hazel!

  13. So it sounds like you will be able to return to Bangkok soon - hurray.
    That last photo is lovely. I don't know what you fancied, but it looks good.

    I hope this week brings you even more good news.

  14. The slow lane has much to recommend it particularly the relaxed attitude.
    I hope your passport and work permit issues are solved in a miraculous 'one go'.

  15. halo-halo on a rainy day? :)

    happy to know that your passport is being processed na. yeah, i have read about the political unrest in BKK...hope that it will be a peaceful transition. Not going to hold my breath, though. I can always hope and pray. :)

    i love living in the province (where the air is definitely much cleaner), but can't; hubby and I feel that our sons are enrolled in "good" schools right now. would be unfair to move them to another school...maybe when they are older (college, maybe?lol) I'll go back home and stay there for good. :)

    hehe, haba na ng comment ko!

    thanks so much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Hazel
    i do enjoy reading your posts! :)

    good luck with the passport; enjoy your time with your kid and mom!

  16. Wishing you much success in completing your passport need and glad you found what you wanted eat ~ and shared with your family ~ thanks, xxx

    carol and artmusedog


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