Smells green

Children. Don't they amuse or annoy and even confuse when they are cheeky? When they call a white object blue and accompany that declaration with a cute smirk - at least I, as a PDD mom find my mind in a pirouette over a little cheekiness from my boy.

Grandma chats with a neighbor. The chat goes on for awhile and CJ plays precocious: "Shut up!" hands on ears and pretending to be distressed, "I'm going to sleep. Everyone, quiet!"

A friend's son, Daniel (the chubby chinoy on his mom's lap) behaves like CJ in some ways. While the rest of the family gathered around the TV for a pinoy movie to conclude our dinner, Daniel and I sat on the bed where he nailed one delightful observation:

Daniel: Auntie, what is that?

Me: (examining the bottle) A liniment. What color is it, Daniel?

Daniel: Green.

Me: (muttering to myself) Thank goodness I don't have to smell like a quack doctor's patient with this product. (then back from my private thoughts) Come Daniel, here, lovely winter mint.

Daniel: (in perfect accent and perfectly imperfect grammar) It smell green!

Immediately I was transported to market day in Cortona, to Francis writing on a postcard, "it even smells purple." Remember Under the Tuscan Sun?  This was obviously a coincidence of color perception but let me just hurray how kids can be marvelous.

Especially when they're not fighting like cats and dogs as these siblings used to when they were little. Look at them now - so peaceful :D. They're going to kill me if they discover I'm blogging about them but they are too busy to read their old aunt's drama so I should be safe for now. That's the niece in a previous post, the one I gifted with a pair of silver heels for her graduation. I heard they were too big so she stuffed tissue paper in them. What grief those shoes must have caused her toes, poor baby.

These two flew in from Cebu last week. We celebrated Songkran (Thai New Year) together which was loads of fun. I'll probably blog about that later. Meanwhile, what a diversion tweaking these photos on Photobucket or I probably just had too much time. But surely, happiness is when you don't have to celebrate a major holiday alone.


  1. Celebrating holidays with the people you love is happiness indeed! Love the photos!

  2. Kids are fun to have and sometimes we don't watch our words that they catch it easily. Both of my kids are like that in a funny way. They always follow their Daddies :-) I love the playing of the colors of the pictures Sis, that is so cool....Dropping by from Happiness Is

  3. Hahaha it smell green! Kids are so funny!

  4. yeah.. celebrating holidays is more fun with our love ones ^.^

  5. ain't they funny and cute when they say the most awesome things? kids are so cute when they imitate adults especially in their way of speaking. by the way, love the photos. I'm also loving Photobucket more and more. :) visiting for MM. would really love to have your opinion on my post. thanks, sis!

  6. Kids can definitely surprise you and can crack you up. It is always great to spend time with the family. Visiting late via Happiness Is.

  7. Family is always the best and holidays gets more meaningful of they are around:)

    Visiting for Happiness- hope you can stop by:)

  8. being with people we love brings joy :) thanks for linking up!


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