Red glasses at the White House

The can't-shut-up version: Two friends were seated in front of us. We were waiting for the little guy's dinner to arrive, in a colonial-looking restaurant called White House. I've forgotten what I ordered for him but it was most likely chicken as it's his favorite dish morning, noon, and night. We were on a weekend holiday in Lopburi, a charming historical town about an hour by bus from Bangkok. I love ruins and history museums and this was one of those trips.


  1. That middle glass has an interesting shape.

  2. i apppreciate the words added. fun times.

  3. I tell ya, I had to quit drinking due to a medical condition a few years ago but it's pictures like this that make me want a teensy tiny little bit of wine lol.

  4. what a fun!

    My WW is kitchen remodeling and thick snow. Happy wordless Wednesday!


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