Gift of a dear son

There is something about finishing a book that I find lovely, in the case of a Maeve Binchy bestseller at least. It's like getting acquainted with the characters off the pages, and then saying goodbye to them in your head.

As a university instructor I relate with this quote from Nights of Rain and Stars:

"Teachers of every kind needed a chance to go out and talk to people of other countries, otherwise they could get caught up in the internal politics of their own university."

"Internal politcs." Lord knows how tricky the thing is in my playground. It makes an upcoming trip seem opportune. Arranging the trip even turned out well.

At the vice president's office to file a leave -

VP: What's this, Hazel? Where are you going?
Me: Out of town, boss. Give me three days.

He approved it immediately, but then still holding the paper, asked:

"CJ alright?"
"Yes, boss. My little guy is doing fine."
"No. I mean have you asked him permission yet that you're going to..." he adjusted his glasses, "what country are you going to this time?"

Boss gone cute! Sometimes I forget that he is not just my boss but also a close friend of the ex-hubster which explains how the CJ bit got into professional protocol.
It's good to be reminded how blessed I am: 

Photo Courtesy: Back Roads Living

And finally this week, my first attempt at Chili con Carne wasn't so bad.

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  1. Navigating life is so tricky sometimes.

    I love chili.

  2. I'm with you on finishing a book but it's bittersweet for me. I typically wait for a series of books then plow through them one at a time. Other than that my mom will randomly call me and say "You hae to get this book!" Right now I'm re-reading some Terry Pratchett from thirty years ago (fantasy stuff with wizards and whatnot only for adults).

  3. Sometimes at the end of a book it is like saying good-bye to friends.

    It's nice when a boss is interested in how your family is doing. Hope your trip goes well!

    That is a nice poem/prayer for sons.

  4. Love the prayer for a son! Have a great week ahead.

  5. Oooh -- the chili looks scrumptious. Where are you headed this time?

  6. I hope your 'out of town' trip goes well. I'm sure CJ gave his 'permission' and 'blessing' to you, too.
    It does help when your boss can joke with you and also comment on your family.

  7. Love the plaque. Made me tear up for my own son! Nice that you have a boss who is so flexible when you need time off. The chili looks darn delicious. We had chili this week too.

  8. that's a lovely prayer ... Amen!
    oooh, i totally agree about saying good-bye to the book's characters in your head ... though sometimes i tend to ruminate on some of the events that happened in the story (and then they are back again! lol).
    i love chili con carne! yummmmy!

    appreciate much your sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Hazel :)

  9. It looks like my guy is sitting on luggage. Strange, huh?

    I really like that prayer for my son.

    Thanks for being so faithful to Blue Monday, and for sharing your blue, Hazel.

  10. Hi Hazel
    So off to Singapore (sorry have got sidetracked by your lovely comments on your blog) enjoy! I hope you get to visit Gardens by the Bay it is amazing and have a cocktail by the pool at the top of Marina Bay Sands! Looks like you will need to fins a new good book though!!

    1. Hello Wandering Wren, Gardens by the Bay is surely in the itinerary, and thanks for the cocktail suggestion at Marina Bay Sands. I would love that!

  11. wonderful post for HBM and tribute to your son ~ carol ^_^

  12. How exciting...a jolly to Singapore!
    Have fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy all that the incredible place has to offer.
    Rest up because you'll need to be fit to cram it all in.
    I'll look forward to hearing all about it when you return.
    Never read the book but I'm always on the hunt for a recommendation. It's now on my list! ;D
    Have a great week.

  13. I so loved all the books written by Maeve Binchy! I love the prayer. I have two sons so it made me smile. One is here and one is going to college in Kansas. Sigh! Great share and hope to see you soon. Hugs Anne


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