Exam season

Reflected on the table is an idea of where this place is (in case I forget)
 Skywatch: clouds above canal lane trying to postpone the sunset

Pines on the glass window 

It's time for uni people to breathe easily. While students plow their heads through Strategic Management, Cost Accounting and Business Law, those exempted from taking the finals (read: instructors invigilating) get to have theirs charmed. Mine wandered around Chocolate Ville. I just love perks of exam season week. Work is light; the highlights fun:

girlfriend time after working 9-hour days for awhile, we went al fresco in a seafood restaurant where the

fried sea bass and mango salad was such delight on the palate enhancing travel plans for 2015.  We then proceeded to

a saxophone jazz and blues bar. Blimey, what a place! It was like being in the cellar of a 16th century castle. The only reminder I was in 21st century Bangkok were the strains produced by

a girl saxophonist whose rendition of Careless Whisper dazzled glasses and bottles and sent me

texting the Lovey Dove oceans away stuck in an Arabian palace, poor thing. The reply was "enjoy yourself" and enjoy I did. Isn't it inspiring to be reminded that life is filled with beautiful people and that one of them is in love with you? 


  1. i love it, and the name chocolateville!

  2. Just my style of gas station - bright red.

  3. That gas station is so red! Thanks for sharing, have a nice Tuesday

    Much love...

  4. It's the loveliest gasstation I've ever seen!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  5. You can't miss that building as you drive past.

  6. Love the read building ~ great shot ~ thanks for coming by ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. A most interesting building.

  8. That is one bright building!!!!! The food looks good too in your first photo. How fun to be in love.....I'm still in love with my hubby after 23 years😄

  9. I love the homes right on the water. Is there ever a problem with flooding there?

    Even as a student I found exam week somewhat relaxing, since we only had exams and not other classes. Glad you had a lighter work week and some fun time to enjoy it!

    1. Yes, there is. We had a major flood in 2011, but this one on the photo (Chocolate Ville) was spared thank goodness it was.

  10. This place looks so interresting to visit ! Nice choices for the week...

  11. Such sweet pleasure to be loved by someone whom you dearly love.

  12. Chocolate Ville? My kind of place! And the canal? Do you live near there? It's beautiful.
    Love, even from afar, is wondrous.

  13. what a lovely place (and post! - felt like this was meant for Vday .... hehehe).

    thanks much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Hazel
    enjoy the rest of the week


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