More antidote

A hot hot moisturizing hallo from the chili patches! The week here has been highlighted with attempts to combat the heat; joys and faves are on:

Antiques! When I discovered that there's a big section for exactly those in Nawamin Market, I freaked out. If only I lived in Thailand permanently....

Culture exhibit. I didn't notice the woman was holding a drink until she, and I, opposite her, took a photo of the fish and I discovered that her reflection shows a straw in a disposable glass. I was probably also reflected in her shot. We snapped at the same time. It was fun.

We are booked! I'm cruising with friends in Vietnam. Halong Bay in a few weeks.

Blooms and a lake. My family trooped to Suan Luang for some healthy relief from the angry Thai sun.

Icy dessert. Pineapple and strawberry. Sugar and milk. Crunch, crunch, one alimentary canal is happy.

Visit: Reflections * Fave Five * Picture Clusters * SkywatchShare the Joy * Water World


  1. Being around wonderful watery spots is refreshing and relaxing.

  2. Beautiful pictures!! Lovely flowers! Cathy

  3. It's very hot here in Trinidad and Tobago, oh and i know that plant, it's commonly referred to here as the shrimp plant'
    Have a nice Thursday

    Much love...

    1. Oh thanks for that. Perhaps the color has something to do with why it's called shrimp... *musing*

  4. Looks lovely and warm!

  5. Sounds like a great week, and now you have a vacation to anticipate!

  6. Oh how fun that you're going on a cruise, I'm jealous!

  7. Your dessert looks delicious !

  8. That dessert is spectacular -- what color!

  9. If only you could see the other lady's picture, too - I wonder if she was surprised to see someone's reflection in it.

    Some time near the water sounds good about now.

  10. What a fun day you had... Thanks for the lovely sharing !

  11. That icy dessert looks like ones we had in Bali. Mmmm, good memories. Am I allowed to be a little jealous of your cruise?
    Stay cool in all that heat and humidity!

  12. love the flower shot! so delicate
    wow, Thai antiques ... I bet they'd be super expensive when brought here!
    have fun on your Vietnam trip (one of the places I'd love to visit!)!
    that dessert is perfect this summer!

    thanks for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, Hazel
    enjoy the rest of the week!


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