"Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." ~ Melody Beattie

Happy Thanksgiving, my bloggity friends!

Skywatch: mapping Forensic Accounting

Reflections: at the Sweet Secret Cafe

Can you tell if a mushroom is edible or poisonous?

 Flowery hangout

I can tolerate my own cooking ;)

November is waving goodbye. That fast, wasn't she? It's been a good month. Now time to wrap up the week -

Mapping Forensic Accounting. It was part of a 4-day seminar which I enjoyed doing. With time pressure though my screws splattered in all directions and my mind wandered to  the -

Sweet Secret Cafe. Not a bad place to mentally be to make up for the frustration of not having enough time for concept mapping. The photo is an old one; taken when I was physically present and had a sweet time there.

Hundred Foot Journey. Three reasons why this film was so much fun to me - Helen Mirren, food, and France. Its brief mention of mushrooms brought back lovely memories of my wedding breakfast. 

Blooms. They enhance walking around to help get rid of harmful cholesterol. 

Capsicum omelette for Thanksgiving. Not the best obviously but I like Thanksgiving, and although it's not a holiday where I am I celebrate it anyway.   

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  1. #1 The clouds are in the shape of a "T", how nice.
    #2 Interesting shot.
    #3 No.
    #4 Spectacular.
    #5 And so could I.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. T is for Thanksgiving. The "pole" though for what looks like letter T is the fountain, but lovely thought.

  2. Great post and lovely images.. Have a happy weekend!

  3. These photos are a visual feat . . i don't know what Forensic Accounting is . . or how to map it . . NOW you have me wondering . . guess i get to look it up. brilliant Weekend to YOU!

  4. I loved the Hundred Foot Journey, great movie. I like your reflection shot a lot.

  5. Great photos, wonderful compositions!

  6. Nice photos resuming your week !

  7. All very lovely images Hazel. Thank you for the Thanksgiving Wishes :-)

  8. Wonderful set of images. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Wonderful images. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. great selection of shots. Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Interesting post and lovely shots.

  12. Morning Hazel! What an exciting life you too lead whilst on business - mapping forensic accounting whoo hoo that would be up there with a business trip to Sydney wouldn't it?! Glad to have given you a giggle in your week and thank you for your visit.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Wren x

  13. Wonderful post and photos....The reflection ina glass table is amazing...

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Your seminar sounds way over my head. :-) The Sweet Secret Cafe sounds intriguing and looks lovely. Those flowers are so pretty. It's neat you celebrate Thanksgiving even though your country doesn't set it aside as a holiday.

  15. What a fantastic serie of neat reflections ! I like the table design, in particular.

  16. Sorry to be so late commenting. We had a super busy weekend and little time for blogging.
    Nice 5 - Such a pretty building in your first shot.
    I like the reflection you caught at that cafe.
    Mushrooms can be tricky if you don't know which are safe to eat. I know a few.
    What pretty flowers.
    Yummy looking food.

  17. I love that reflection shot! And I think I'd enjoy that cafe too. I'm glad you celebrated Thanksgiving with us :)


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