Sweet November

Reflections: celebratory tea

Skywatch: a bougainvillea roof

And then it's time to acknowledge the good of the week. Here are my high fives:

1. Progressive, transition lenses. After two years of neglecting, avoiding and hesitating, I finally set foot in an optical clinic and came to terms with a 'perk' of aging. My traditional books, here I come! Back.

2. BBC modern adaptation of Cinderella. That bit on university research was very appealing. It's fun when a fairy tale sounds intelligent and not just all charm and romance.

3. Free expert knowledge. Last week when I mentioned my Mom successfully battling pneumonia and enlargement of aorta, I meant she was already breathing on her own. But she's not totally out of the woods yet as she's having difficulty swallowing food. A friend in the medical profession shared keywords of possible causes. That helped me form my own questions to ask the physicians.  It's comforting when you have at least an idea of what's going on and what to do next. 

4. Cousin time. As an only child and now as an adult I realize how daunting it can be to make pivotal decisions alone when an elderly parent is sick. I appreciate this cousin's availability to talk things out with me. 

5. Celebratory tea. Hope is a good thing. Optimism helps. Celebrating them lifts the spirit.


  1. That's a lot of bougainvillea! I think it's such a beautiful and interesting flower.

  2. Hi Hazel, I love your photo. It looks so incredibly tropical, definitely a place I would like to be right now :) Have a great weekend!

  3. This is so beautiful, Hazel. I am always impressed with how ful and high bougainvillea can grow!

  4. Now that's the way Bougainvillea should be grown. In Hawaii they love to shear it into little shapes and cut off the flowers! Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. bougainvillea is so pretty...we don't have it here in virginia but it was everywhere in san diego...i miss it! i like those dishes at the tea. prayers your mom continues to improve! thank you for linking and have a super weekend :)

  6. Love that bougainvillea roof! I hope your Mom continues to improve!

  7. Yes hope and optimism are the key. Hope you Mom improves quickly. Love the reflection shot. Have a great weekend.

  8. The tea sounded fun. Those desserts reminded me of "Whoopie Pies."
    Some good things to be thankful for. I have 3 brothers but they all leave the care of our mom up to me so I might as well be an only child. It is difficult.
    I have Transition lenses but the funny thing is that I take mine off when I read.

  9. Pretty pictures! I hope your Mom keeps improving. It's very good to have cousins, mine are far away, I miss them.

  10. Cousins are our first friends and only they know the family dynamics. It is certainly a blessing to have them!

    I'm all for celebrating - and having tea, too!

    I will chime in and say I love that bougainvillea roof as well.

  11. The bougainvillea roof is gorgeous - nothing like that around here :)

    I found that version of Cinderella on youtube and I've bookmarked it - thanks!

    Hope your mom is feeling better soon.

  12. The tea captured my interest, well the macarons, mostly... I hope you enjoyed them... (Specially now that I'm starving, just and only because of your yummy pic... ^^)

  13. Pretty sky and I love the bougainvillea.. Gorgeous.. Happy weekend!

  14. I am very thankful for reading glasses - I would be pretty limited without them.

    I had not heard of that modern adaptation of Cinderella - will have to look it up!

    My m-i-l has had problems swallowing over the last year and is on a pureed diet now. She eats well now but it was a bit of an adjustment. We never did find a specific cause, but it started after a severe infection, and all her muscular abilities have been declining with age. It is hared to deal with some of these issues - I am glad your cousin was available to talk things out. That helps a lot.

  15. pretty reflections and wonderful floral shade.


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